Artemis Women Of Action Film Fest 2017 Spotlight: Danielle Burgio

actress danielle burgio artemis women of action film fest

Danielle Burgio is primed to be the centre of attention with 2 of her films set to make a memorable impression at the 2017 Edition of the Artemis Women Of Action Film Festival. Her first short “Lucy Falls” sees her starring as the titular Lucy whose encounter with a a seven-year-old boy changes her life and helps her find strength despite her bitter past. It’s a moving portrayal of an abused woman finding the light within the darkness with the help of an angelic child and underpins the positive human spirit. She switches gears in her more light-hearted second short “Girl Trip” as Audrey who together with her girlfriends head into the desert for the summer equinox only to be drawn into a comical misadventure. Danielle is also the director and writer of “Girl Trip” with her role as Audrey one of combative mien and she also happens to have a penchant for sharp objects!

From heavy themes and the more humorous fare onscreen, Danielle has showcased her adeptness in character-driven arcs, adding a profound accomplishment to what is an illustrious career as a sought-after stuntwoman. This includes well over 100 film and TV stunt credits with her most prominent stuntwork being on The Matrix franchise. She recently doubled for Michelle Monaghan (leading lady of “The Path”) on “Sleepless”, the action vehicle for Jamie Foxx who stars as a detective who doesn’t play by the book.

actress danielle burgio girl trip

Danielle is a luscious personification of the term Women Of Action and her approachable, radiant facets are assured to win her devotees from around the world.

Do visit the Danielle Burgio Official Site and keep up with the latest updates.

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