Indie Darlings To Adore @ Manhattan Film Festival 2017 – Part 1

Heather Brittain O’Scanlon

actress Heather Brittain O’Scanlon manhattan film festival 2017

– At this year’s Manhattan Film Festival, we will be treated to the rise of multi-faceted entertainers and the vivacious Actress/Producer/Writer Heather Brittain O’Scanlon is giving us indie fans a taste of her immaculate essence.
– In attendance at the screening of her film “As It Seems”, she threads the vintage era of the ’60s as Annette, a woman who makes an extreme decision after suspecting her husband of having an affair with the maid.
– Heather is already turning into a beloved apple of our eyes having previously enchanted us in the comedy short “Lunch Thief” and the afterlife drama “The Waiting Room”. Both adorable and sexy, she’ll be very much desired.

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Dawn Noel in “22 Years”

actress dawn noel 22 years manhattan film festival 2017

– Dawn is yet another precious enchanter on the festival circuit with many accomplishments as an Actress/Dancer/Singer/Producer and is the esteemed co-writer of her moving dramatic short “22 Years”.
– She’s a sure bet to be a scene stealer throughout as the leading lady Avi who suddenly receives a call out of the blue and has to weigh up her decision to reconnect with her dad or forget her bitter past after 22 years.
– Magnetic in her gorgeousness and comfortably versatile across multiple genres, Dawn has garnered an array of awards at numerous film festivals and there’ll be more accolades in the future for this most stirring actress.

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Samantha Rivers Cole in “Fists Of Love”

actress samantha rivers col manhattan film festival 2017

– An ebullient face on the indie scene, Samantha Rivers Cole has a supporting role as Sugar Pop in “Fists Of Love” which is about a romance brewing between an anti-domestic violence officer and an abusive wife.
– Samantha is very much a talent who has excelled in the throes of the light and the dark onscreen with her films a regular fixture at festivals. We do love our screen sweethearts to delve into thought-provoking territory.
– Do not miss her in the upcoming “Scars of a Predator” as Wendy Harper, the sweet and innocent victim of notorious serial killer William who after her brutal rape and murder returns from the grave for revenge.

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