The Women Of Famous In Love

The newest obsession in town has to be the newest Freeform series “Famous In Love” which is headlined by Bella Thorne and she’s joined by a bevy of prodigious actresses which includes Niki Koss, Aynsley Bubbico and Carla Vila. Set in the glamorous world of Hollywood where Bella plays a rags to riches breakout actress, we also get a glimpse of the Hollywood machine that is glitzy as it is unforgivingly cold. Then there are the love triangles, scandalous trysts and twists to keep us salivating till Season End! April is definitely the month of stirring women so it’s essential to gush lovingly about the femmes of “Famous In Love”.

Niki Koss

actress niki koss famous in love

Niki is a revelation in the guise of Alexis Quinn, The Hollywood It-Girl who finds her thunder being somewhat stolen by new darling Paige. Their on-going rivalry for the meatiest roles including the leading role series “Locked” was always going to be a talking point of the show. Yet Alexis has many secrets including having a hidden relationship with Dakota (Ana Mulvoy Ten). All the while, she’s at her most stressful point in her career. She may be at the epicentre of dramatic tension as resident Bad Girl Alexis, yet Niki’s eloquent allure has us already hooked.

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Aynsley Bubbico

actress aynsley bubbico famous in love

It’s countless the number of ways Aynsley is held in absolute devotion on this blog and she’s set to turn heads as Orly Trecher on “Famous In Love” which ranks as one of her bitchiest portrayals yet. There’s an element of fun playing such contemptible women and as the sultry yet domineering Orly, she certainly puts Niki’s in her place. It’s her way or the highway! The Ice Queen has indeed arrive on the small screen thanks to Aynsley’s potently biting performance. We’ve been in love with her since her “Greek” days and she’ll be irresistible for the longest time!

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Carla Vila

actress carla vila famous in love

The gorgeous Carla Vila has quickly established herself as a desirable face on TV and her latest is a co-star role as Kathryn, the mother of Georgie Flores’s Cassandra, the aspiring actress. She longs for her big break and of course envies the instant success of her best friend Bella’s Paige. We will find out that she lives a little in the shadow of her Emmy award-winning mum Kathryn which would only intensify expectations. Carla’s stint on “Famous In Love” affirms just how fetching she is across mediums and we can’t wait to see more of her on “Jane The Virgin”.

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