Artemis Women Of Action Film Fest 2017 Spotlight: Karen Roberge

actress karen roberge artemis film festival 2017

Film Festivals are the perfect channel to unearth dedicated, emerging indie talents like Karen Roberge. She stars in the grindhouse style actioner “Blow A Kiss” and delivers punch as Janet who has a gun battle with Dane Berkshire’s Joy who happens to be at the wrong place and at the wrong time. “Blow A Kiss” might be in the lane of low-budget film-making but there’s plenty of woman-on-woman action to satisfy the thrill-seeker in us. Respect has to be attributed to the physicality employed by Karen and her co-stars with their fights sometimes in close quarters a treat for any viewer.

Karen has declared in an interview that making audiences laugh or feel deeply about something is important to her. Her Texan charms certainly shine through and it’s great to see that beautiful trait of hers evolve onscreen. It’s really time to trumpet the delights of actresses such as Karen who are playing their part in entertaining us. She’s even been an Art Teacher and hairdresser on top of her theater as well as improv work. Some of us would be so lucky to be so well-versed in different facets of artistic merit and Karen’s achievements in her career can only lead to bigger things. Get ready to be enchanted by this indie heroine!

actress karen roberge blow a kiss

3 thoughts on “Artemis Women Of Action Film Fest 2017 Spotlight: Karen Roberge

    1. Karen is indeed a talented actrees. I am proud to be working with her in both Blow A Kiss and The Getback. Keep your eye on this one!

  1. Karen will “blow you out of the water” in Blow a Kiss. She has the beauty and talent needed for this and other roles.

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