Tribeca Film Fest 2017 Spotlight: Sizzling Women Of Tribeca TV

Abby Wathen & Jennifer Lafleur in “Lost & Found”

actress abby wathen tribeca 2017
actress jennifer lafleur tribeca 2017

– Treasured on this blog as well as in the industry, Abby Wathen and Jennifer Lafleur star in the must-see TV pilot “Lost & Found” directed by the amazing Haroula Rose, fanning the flames of our affection once more.
– Don’t miss Abby in the horror film “Besetment” screening at the upcoming IFS Film Festival. She plays Amanda, a young woman taking up a hotel position only to find the owners have sinsiter intentions.
– Jennifer has already guest-starred on some of TV’s biggest shows including “American Crime”, “Chicago Fire” and “Big Little Lies” alongside Nicole Kidman. It’s time she entranced us on her very own series.

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Sydney Sweeney in “Manic”

actress sydney sweeney tribeca 2017

– Sydney Sweeney is on course to be one of the scene stealers of Pilot season as she’ll be majorly enthralling in the comedy series “Manic” as Missy a.k.a. ‘Paper Girl’ who has an addiction for pulp stationery.
– Her guest-star role in the Season 7 finale of “Pretty Little Liars” on Freeform should solidify her stature as one of the most coveted faces in the industry and she’s all librarian girl chic as the new character Willa.
– I’m over the moon that Sydney constantly shares my articles about her on her social media channels including Instagram which means putting the spotlight on her for a Women of PLL feature will be a momentous occasion.

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Kristen Gutoskie in “The Handmaid’s Tale”

actress kristen gutoskie tribeca 2017

– One of the most personable actresses on our planet, Kristen Gutoskie has been eye-catching with her endearing role as Seline, the babysitter helping Candice King’s Caroline on hit franchise “The Vampire Diaries”.
– She’s going to appeal to the TV binging community with her recurring role in the highly anticipated new period drama series “The Handmaid’s Tale” which is centred on a world where women are forced into sexual servitude.
– Kristen is also garnering buzz for her portrayal of the carefree Nora in the indie drama “The Dust Storm” and even gets to showcase her melodious vocal pipes. Can she be any more adore-worthy? It’s a wholehearted YES!

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Natasha Blasick in “There’s… Johnny!”

actress natasha blasick tribeca 2017

– She’s the Ukrainian jewel of the indie genre and the alluring Natasha Blasick could soon be heating up the small screen as well with her appearance on the new comedy series “There’s… Johnny!”.
– Alongside some of comedy’s finest stars including Tony Danza (Who’s The Boss) and Jane Levy (Suburgatory), her elegant seductiveness should entice us especially with “There’s… Johnny!” being set in the ’70s.
– One of her most high-profile upcoming roles is in the big screen comedy “All-Star Weekend” which has an illustrious cast including Jamie Foxx, Eva Longoria and Jessica Szohr. Natasha’s career is catching fire indeed!

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