Worldfest-Houston Film Fest 2017 Spotlight: Dana Fradkin

actress dana fradkin worldfest houston film festival 2017

You can smell that film festival fever in the air and our fascination with the femmes of the indie world resumes with the effervescent Dana Fradkin. She’s the star and creative artist behind the riveting short “Satisfaction” which will see her as an anti-hero of sorts who is on the search for the ultimate form of satiation. Her journey could very well lead her down a road of violence!

Here’s Dana talking about her role in “Satisfaction” as well as her other endeavours:

I was the writer, producer and lead actress on Satisfaction. I play Maryke, a woman whose line between reality and fantasy begins to blur. I am also a highly trained clown and mask performer having performed at the Toronto Clown Festival and doing a Commedia Dell’Arte play with Odyssey Theatre. I’m also working on a feature of ‘Satisfaction’ and my next short film ‘Fraggles and Shalom’.

Surrealism in the narrative form can be said to be on the ascendency and kudos to Dana for crafting a short film with unconventional elements. Matching that quirky charm has to be her sterling work as a street performer at comedy festivals across the globe including a gig at the Glastonbury Music Festival. With her congenial features, Dana represents the lovable talent we often view as a screen delight. Let’s open our hearts and welcome her with generous shots of appreciation.

actress dana fradkin satisfaction

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