MiFo LGBT Film Festival 2017 Spotlight: Faye Sewell

actress faye sewell mifo lgbt film festival 2017

The gems of the independent scene are blossoming worldwide and British actress Faye Sewell should enrapture us in due time. She stars in “Cat Skin” as April, an extrovert music student who is in the throes of young love with reticent photography student named Cat (Jodie Hirst). It’s a moving piece of passion between two people irregardless of gender, an exposition of the journey in life where we more often than not have an instant affinity to someone we meet. Be prepared for heartbreaking moments as we are drawn into the world of April and Cat, a mesmeric portrait of romance in this era. As April, Faye has a luxurious softness that puts her in prime position to be a much adored romantic leading lady.

The British Invasion is more than just about the return of “Dr Who” or the prequel to “Prime Suspect” this year as its indie film slate include a beautifully textured film like “Cat Skin”. Faye acknowledged in a recent interview that she hopes that her story will move people… that it might change or offer different perspectives to some people” and judging from the touching trailer, “Cat Skin” will likely be receiving a most warm reception. That also means falling in love with the delicate gracefulness of Faye Sewell. Her next 2 films will see Faye sinking her teeth into the horror genre, first with the alien terror tale “The Spawning” followed by the horror comedy “Rock Band Vs Vampires”. She’s also currently shooting “Three Dots and a Dash”, a crime caper set in London in which she stars as Nadia, an actor and a bartender.

actress faye sewell catskin

2017 is turning out to be a breakout year for Faye with it being one where she’s in a swath of upcoming projects and we are looking forward to the prospect of seeing her beguilingly shine.

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