Nashville Film Festival 2017 Spotlight: Susannah Devereux

actress susannah devereux dates

She’s been a regular face during the revelry of the Nashville Film Festival and this year Susannah Devereux will impress us in 2 features of note. The first is the comedy series “Dates” which follows a group of cast-mates on a series of dates, some of which might be a tad awkward. Watch Susannah do her comedy thing in the first 2 episodes which will be screening having previously been enlivening on comedies such as “Paternity Leave” and “Celibacy: A True Love Story”. Susannah’s second appearance centers on much heavier themes as in “The Sacred Disease” which enters into the life of a woman who suffers from epileptic seizures. Her previous effort “Chasing Ghosts” which was a festival favourite alongside Tim Meadows and Frances Conroy also touched on existential issues which was death.

Susannah has certainly been a big part of intriguing storytelling and her heritage is just as interesting. She is actually a New Zealander living in Nashville, Tennessee and was born in Alicante, Spain. You would already be familiar with Kiwi beauties such as Lucy Lawless, Rose McIver and Anna Paquin so adoring Susannah is a cinch. New Zealand actresses have a classy facets that are abundant in their loveliness and Susannah is glorious in that aspect. It’s safe to assume that we’re in love with her luscious NZ accent too!

actress susannah devereux nashville film festival 2017

She just recently walked the red carpet at this year’s Nashville Film Fest and we can expect Susannah to shimmer at even more events.

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