Newport Beach Film Fest 2017 Spotlight: Angie Simms

actress angie simms newport beach film festival 2017

As they say it’s never too late to the party, that being the Newport Beach festivities and be introduced to screen cuties such as the comely Angie Simms. She stars in the romantic comedy “I Hate the Man in My Basement” and recently graced the red carpet of the film’s premiere. Photogs at Newport Beach will agree that Angie is a photogenic beauty and is all fashionable chic in her elegant red black ensemble. In “I Hate the Man in My Basement”, the story of a man finding normalcy after his wife’s death, she plays Echo who as you will find out is part of the lighter moments on the film which may or may not include fart jokes.

If you’ve seen Hayley Kiyoko’s music video “Gravel To The Tempo”, you may spotted Angie in a clique of captivating ladies at the high school Hayley dances at. She appears as one of the popular girls, a most stunning gal with those braids and it’s no wonder Hayley cosies up to them. I think we all love to get close and personal with the ravishing Angie! She has also guest-starred alongside Timothy Olyphant on “Justified” which is one of my favourite shows and seeing her with saucy Kentucky accent has to be divine. Oh by the way her character Kayla happens to be an escort who propositions Timothy’s Raylan Givens. On the digital front, the gorgeous Angie has already dazzled on the sexy web series “All Wrong” as well the comedy ski A Bunch of Dicks which is now available for viewing at Funny Or Die. You might just recognise the familiar face of Rose McIver who is the leading lady of “iZombie”.

actress angie simms i hate the man in my basement

A soon to be desired face as well on the festival circuit, Angie has the swoon-worthy appeal that could well have a lasting impression on us.

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