The Women Of Girlboss

More please to the advent of stories about inspirational women entrepreneurs spearheaded by the new Netflix series “Girlboss” loosely based on NastyGal founder Sophia Amoruso. Britt Robertson is in the leading role of Sophia whose anarchist fashion leanings lead to an online business venture that changes her life. Certainly there’s a great female representation on the cast and what better than to give compliments to the actresses that are appearing on “Girlboss”. They’re certainly part of some of the best and wittiest comedic moments on the show.

Kosha Patel

actress kosha patel girlboss

We love that Asian talents are finding their groove on TV and enigmatic comedienne Kosha Patel makes quite the entrance in the latter part of the season. She plays Kaavi, the techie who is hired by Annie (Ellie Reed) to create the Nasty Gal website much to the chagrin of Britt’s Sophia. We can say their working relationship started off on a rocky note but Kaavi will eventually grow on Sophia. The repartee between her, Annie and Sophia is a delight and Kosha is a gem with her stolid demeanour as Kaavi, delivering opportune moments of humour.

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Natalie Britton

actress natalie britton girlboss

Natalie Britton has a co-star role as Korey, the airport attendant who attends to Sophia as she is in need of changing her flight. Korey soon gets the infamous ‘Nasty Gal’ treatment, her attempt to instil some festive cheer is rebuffed in sarcastic fashion. Natalie has the down-to-earth adorable nature to shine in the sweetheart capacity as she’s shown before in the indie festival favourite “Flatbush Luck” as well as on “Fuller House”. With those fetching eyes of hers, this adorable redhead is more than ready to captivate the globe.

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Crystal Rivers

actress crystal rivers girlboss

Look out for Crystal as the eager bridesmaid Courtney who tells it like she sees it and it causes some friction with her fellow bridesmaids at the wedding reception. It’s one stressful situation as the bride frets over her wedding dress with Sophia arriving in the nick of time to deliver the wedding dress. A glowing cutie be it on the red carpet or up on the screen, she’s known for her positivity in honing her craft. Her upcoming feature “The Thing Before the Thing” will give her licence to charm us ensuring she’s a darling on our radars.

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