Tribeca Film Festival 2017 Spotlight: The Women Of That Thing In The Apartment

Part of the Monster Madness lineup at this year’s Tribeca, “That Thing In The Apartment” is a suspenseful ride for audiences invoking our deep fears of foreboding that there’s something lurking in the dark. Buoyed by gripping performances from the two leads Carly Jones and Melia Renee, it’s use of trepidation and uneasiness will strike terror in any fan of horror. It’s 11 minutes of chills as we soon find out what really lies in the darkest recesses of our fear of the unknown.

actress carly jones mifo lgbt film festival 2017

Carly is a riveting watch as the unhinged Lindsay who recounts her encounter with the shadowy demonic-like entity in the dimly lit confines of her bedroom. I think those who have a history of night terrors will identify with her character’s jitters. This harrowing short is ideal for night time frights! On a much lighter note, Carly has been a charmer in “The Amazing Mr. Moji” as April, a woman whose boyfriend receives a phone that has the power to manipulate people via emojis. The talented Carly is indeed an enchantress on the indie scene.

actress melia renee tribeca film festival 2017

Melia plays Sam with a collected poise who as the braver of the two women, investigates what is actually perturbing her best friend Lindsay. What she uncovers might just be the death of her. You may have seen Melia recently on the medical TV series “Code Black” and on the indie front, she’s been raved about especially for her work on “Greasy Hart” which screened at Cannes and her most seductive role yet in the comedy feature “Uncle Nick”. She’s undeniably mesmeric as the flirtatious Valerie who teases her way into Uncle Nick’s heart and probably ours.

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