Hotties On Film, TV, DVD & The Web – 26 April 2017

Vanessa Moltzen in “House Of Bond”

actress vanessa motlzen house of bond

– The enchanters from Australia are steadily becoming our screen obsession and rising star Vanessa Moltzen is to be adored this week as she makes a fetching impression in the TV mini-series “House Of Bond”.
– She plays Pippa, the savvy assistant of Sam Neill whose role is of Tiny Rowland, the high-profile British businessman. Vanessa is luminous throughout opposite Sam as the duo plot tycoon Alan Bond’s downfall.
– It’s great to see Vanessa alongside Rachael Taylor (“Jessica Jones”) who herself was once a burgeoning talent and soon found fame. Vanessa most certainly has the enigmatic X-factor to be just as successful.

Florence Hartigan in “Phoenix Forgotten”

actress florence hartigan phoenix forgotten

– When it comes to sci-fi flicks, I’m always a firm supporter thanks to my love for alien-related stuff. No surprises that “Phoenix Forgotten” starring the charming Florence Hartigan piques my interest as it would yours.
– Threading on the found-footage sub-genre, it sees Florence as Sophie who sets out to make a documentary about her brother and his friends who purportedly vanish after crafting a film about UFO sightings.
– She revels in the arena of psychological horror having previously starred in the gripping “Entrance”. Our love affair with New Zealand talents is steadily mounting with the charming Florence likely to get a wave of affection.

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Annie Chang in “Shades Of Blue”

actress annie change shades of blue

– With her recurring role as the straight laced FBI Agent Molly Chen on “Shades Of Blue”, we were introduced to the sweetheart that is Annie Chang. She added a sassy verve to the show and is key to the ensuing drama.
– In the latest episode of “Shades Of Blue”, both Jennifer Lopez ‘s Harlee Santos and Ray Liotta’s Matt Woziak approach Annie’s Molly in an effort to get her to support their cause against Robert Stahl who’s gone rogue.
– Comedy is yet another genre Annie is conversant with having guest-starred on “Master Of None” alongside Aziz Ansari as Caroline who finds him as a match on a dating app but whom we discover has eyes only on the free food.

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Sylvia Grace Crim in “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks”

actress sylvia grace crim The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

– We do admire how the up and coming indie darlings such as Sylvia Grace Crim transition so beautifully to television. She appears in “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” which stars Oprah Winfrey and Rose Byrne.
– She plays Mary Kubicek, a young female scientists who discovered the immortal cell line in the 50s which had an unjust impact on Henriette Lacks as her cells were used to advance a medical breakthrough without consent.
– It was at SXSW that she had a memorable role in “Big Significant Things” as Grace who having been deprived of fun teenage years is catching up on lost time. Sylvia has a fascinating semblance that will keep us enthralled.

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Jackie Joyner in “The Hero”

actress jackie joyner the hero

– From her stints on shows such as “Young and Hungry” and “Dr Ken” to her recent turn on the western “Traded”, Jackie Joyner is all effervescent delight underscored by a burgeoning resplendence to be ardent about.
– Look out for her alongside Sam Elliott and Laura Prepon in “The Hero” which is quickly gaining earnest approval from audiences. One could even acknowledge Jackie belongs in the cutie stakes alongside Krysten Ritter.
– Since she has been prominent on TV, let’s hope we get to see more of her lovable vivacity in a Season’s worth of a drama series or a comedy sitcom. She’s more than capable of winning us over with her emphatic sweetness

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