Worldfest-Houston Film Fest 2017 Spotlight: Megan Henry

actress megan henry worldfest houston film festival 2017

Such is the affluence of women of independent cinema in the month of April, it’s essential to be in praise of them and the luscious Megan Henry gets our vote this week. She stars in the action thriller “Guardian Angel” as Maddie, a woman who takes it upon herself to exact vengeance on men who have done others wrong. More in the vein of an Avenging Angel, her bitter past steeped in crimes inflicted on her mind and body gives rise to her vigilantism. Megan delivers the punches and drama as Maddie, raised by a tough Mafioso and leads her to wreaking vengeance to anyone who crosses her. Megan’s striking blue eyes does convey a strong allure and she has all the potential to be an action starlet.

She also recently appeared in “My Name Is Lamar” which is doing very well on the festival circuit. Short films have been the medium she’s always been a part of and with her alluring features, Megan will find herself being embraced by many an indie fan. She has also been a director, producer and writer, contributing to the talent pool that is the indie community with her artistic merits. The ravishing Megan is on course to turn heads and we’ll be waiting in the wings to cherish her.

actress megan henry guardian angel worldfest houston film festival 2017

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