Kiva Jump

actress kiva jump rising starlet

When one is part of the TV landscape in consecutive weeks, it’s apt that talented comedienne Kiva Jump gets her due recognition. This week she appears on “Life In Pieces” after her co-star role on “Trial & Error” opposite John Lithgow the previous week. She plays Patty, one of the bubbly housewives and part of Zoe-Lister Jone Jen’s circle of friends on the latest-episode of “Life In Pieces”. On “Trial & Error”, she can be seen as a nurse called Charlene who pulls in a favour for John Lithgow’s Larry Henderson, the New York lawyer whose on a high-profile trial in exchange for a whimsical photo with him. Her scenes with John are uplifting in their humour as his team of misfits come out with some inane ideas to help advance his case.

Having also been on shows such as “Speechless”, “Kevin From Work” and “The Goldbergs”, it’s high time Kiva gets to headline a sitcom or two. She’s also had recurring roles on some of my favourite episodic addictions including “Mad Men”, “True Blood” and “Weeds”. Kiva has also made a delightful impression on the web as a semi-deranged casting agent in the web series “Booked It”. Whether it’s outlandish women or the more quirky personas, Kiva handles those moments onscreen with a joyful polish.

actress kiva jump life in pieces trial and error

The era of funny women with distinctive flavours is here and now with Kiva most likely to win favour in the months ahead.

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