Sizzling Sweethearts To Crave @ Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Fest – Part 1

Joy Regullano in “I Won’t Miss You” and “What You Don’t Say”

actress joy regullano i won't miss you los angeles asian pacific film festival 2017

– Trailblazers of the festival circuit are a source of passion and the adorable Joy Regullano who stars in 2 shorts at this year’s LA Asian Pacific Film Fest is a comedienne to be smitten with.
– “I Won’t Miss You” written by Joy sees her as Janey, a woman who gets a visit from her dead friend as their hidden love for each other surfaces. Kudos to Joy for humourously softening up the heavy subject of death.
– She might have a supporting role on “What You Don’t Say” yet she’s a picture of delightful effervescence. Ever since her memorably sardonic turn as Maeve on “Supernatural”, Joy has been a sparkling joy to watch.

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Jessica Andres in “Bastard”

actress jessica andres bastard los angeles asian pacific film festival 2017

– Undeniably one of the sexiest women on the arena of independent films, Jessica Andres captivates every time she’s onscreen with her recent performances on “Trunk Space” and “Malibu Road” being rivetingly edgy.
– On her latest short film “Bastard”, her role as Andrea Peron is a complex one with the love she has for her paramour Mary Hadid (Heather Ann Gottlieb) revealed to be so personal, it could change their dynamics.
– She’s also been on popular shows such as “Jane The Virgin” and “NCIS: Los Angeles” but I’m sure many of us are itching to see her play a nun in the upcoming comedy horror flick “Vampire Schoolgirls”.

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Rebecca Ocampo & Rory Uphold in “Almost Asian”

actress rebecca ocampo almost asian los angeles asian pacific film festival 2017
actress rory uphold almost asian los angeles asian pacific film festival 2017

– When you have 2 vivacious ladies on a web series, it’s double the pleasure to highlight the comedic work of Rebecca Ocampo and Rory Uphold who both add their respective charms to the series “Almost Asian”.
– Rebecca also starred as the Blue Haired Girl in the beautifully artistic short film called “Beautiful Dead Things” which recently premiered at the Worldfest Houston International Film Festival.
– Look out for Rory in the new anthology thriller “Dark/Web which stars Zelda Williams and Gabriel Luna. The series centres on the dangers of a vastly connected world tied together by a serialised narrative.

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