LAWebFest 2017 Spotlight: Carolyn Bridget Kennedy

actress carolyn bridget kennedy la web fest

The web and Canadian Vixens are a match made in heaven so it’s a must to cast a lovable gaze to the foxy Carolyn Bridget Kennedy. At this year’s LAWebFest, she will be on a panel “Women Warriors of the Web Series World” at Sony Studios in Los Angeles and her comedy web series “Danger Pay” is screening this weekend. ‬This is the second web series that Carolyn has created with her first one being the entertaining “The Bridget Linden Show” which has been a hit on YouTube. In “Danger Pay”, she’s stars as Michelle Scott, a woman whose job is to support a most bizarre lawyer and endures his many antics so as to achieve her ambitions. For some of us, working for an eccentric boss is a relatable thing indeed especially since we spend a major part of our lives as employees. Carolyn has masterfully crafted a light-hearted look at life in a kooky workplace.

She also has made her presence felt in the horror genre and here’s Carolyn telling us more about her role in “Herschell Gordon Lewis’ BloodMania”:

It was great to be part of the dynamic cast of BloodMania. It’s exciting to be part of a film in a genre that’s made purely for its entertainment value. It was a wonderful opportunity to be part of a film that is a modern day return of the classic splatter horror movies that Herschell Gordon Lewis is renowned for being both the creator and master. It was terrific to see that the producer, James Saito, decided to support and nurture home grown talent and feature almost entirely local cast and crew in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Without giving anything away (fans have been waiting years for a comeback movie from Mr. Lewis) let’s just say, that indeed “The Godfather of Gore is back. And it’s about bloody time…”. If you’re a horror fan, you won’t want to miss.

actress carolyn bridget kennedy danger pay

With Carolyn being a creative force in entertainment and her sauciness very much on the ascendency, she’s establishing herself as one of Canada’s indie gems.

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