LAWebFest 2017 Spotlight: Jewel Greenberg

actress jewel greenberg la web fest 2017

Strikingly mesmerising women of the web are entrenching themselves in our hearts with Jewel Greenberg heading for a growing stream of adoration. She stars in the web series “The Real Drakoolavs” as Nancy, the matriarch of a vampire family who has plans to blood her youngest daughter Mila into the bloodsucker she is destined to be. However, their grooming programme gets sidetracked when Mila falls in love with the man who’s supposed to be her dinner! She exudes such poise as the mothering vamp Nancy and one has to say is distinctly easy on the eyes. In an interesting twist, she also has the quirk of being a germaphobic!

Jewel is currently eye-catching in the indie sci-fi drama “96 Souls” which is on a great run at a number of film festivals. She plays Melanie Sutree, the wife of university research scientist Jack who we’ll come to know as having marital problems. Things go from bad to worse when her husband has a lab accident resulting in a gift of sensing a person’s true intentions. Check out the interview of Jewel talking more about her role in “96 Souls” here.

Jewel brings a stirring gravitas as Nancy, navigating the uncertainties of her character’s view of her troubled marriage with a vulnerable resonance. She’s also going the film-maker route, expanding on her many talents which includes being a yoga teacher.

actress jewel greenberg the The Real Drakoolavs

This beaming beauty is quickly becoming a favourite on the indie festival circuit and the luscious Jewel Greenberg is a shining example of a spellbinding performer.

Do visit the Jewel Greenberg Official Site for all the latest updates.

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