TV Vixens To Crave – 30 April 2017

Melinda Michael in “The 100”

actress melinda michael the 100

– Kick-ass women have been making a strong statement on “The 100” over the best part of 4 Seasons and the stunning Melinda Michael plays one very tenacious character on the latest episode called “DNR”.
– She a dynamic enchantress as Ankara, a Grounder who seeks out Ilian’s help in an impending war and proceeds to antagonise Octavia Blake (Marie Avgeropoulos) as the two go head to head in a fierce battle.
– Now that’s 2 of my favourite shows Melinda has been on, following on her guest-star appearance on “Murdoch Mysteries” as Esther Fields, the sweetheart of a star soccer player of a University team who was murdered.

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Megan Hutchings in “Reign”

actress megan hutchings reign

– While we got a little tease of her recurring role on “Reign” as Jane, the lady-in-waiting of Rachel Skarsten’s Queen Elizabeth Tudor, Jane already mirrors the feisty persona of her Queen, the rival of Mary Stuart.
– This year being the 4th and final Season of “Reign”, the popular CW show about the exploits of Mary Queen Of Scots, we may yet see her character Jane help Queen Elizabeth in her plot against Mary’s monarchy.
– Megan is a Canadian darling who is notable for starring in the TV movie “The Hazing Secret” alongside Shenae Grimes on the Lifetime network and as the pious Laura Knight on the TV series “The L.A. Complex”.

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Catherine McNally in “Anne”

actress sylvia grace crim the immortal life of henrietta lacks

– TV’s screen sirens are in fine fettle with the emergence of the vivacious Catherine McNally who has already made a sterling impression on shows such as “Rogue”, “Conviction”, “Schitt’s Creek” and “12 Monkeys”.
– On the new series “Anne” on CBC Television based on Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud, she has the recurring role of Mrs. Kincannon who crosses paths with the well-liked Gilbert Blythe (Lucas Jade Zumann).
– An award winning Toronto actress, director and producer, Catherine is blessed with a dazzling charisma and appears in a host of indie features including “Lost & Found” as well as the short “If a Bird Cannot Swim”.

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Elizabeth Sandy in “Rosewood”

actress elizabeth sandy rosewood

– From indie films to television, our love for Australian actresses is never-ending and the vibrantly beautiful Elizabeth Sandy has been a genuinely pleasant watch in the genres of comedy as well as drama.
– Look out for Elizabeth on the action-packed Season 2 finale of “Rosewood” as Martha Hornstock, the ex-wife of Captain Ira Hornstock (Domenick Lombardozzi) who together have a rather cordial relationship.
– She currently can be seen in the horror short “Don’t Let Them In” which has been making its festival rounds and scaring viewers with its terror-filled take on the urban legend of The Black Eyed Kids.

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Aina Dumlao in “Brockmire”

actress aina dumlao brockmire

– TV audiences will recognise her as Andi Lee on “Macgyver”, the personal assistant to Phoenix Foundation Director Patricia Thornton (Sandrine Holt). Geek speak is impressive in the hands of the adorable Aina.
– She recently appeared opposite Hank Azaria on the new comedy series “Brockmire” in the early moments of the episode Breakout Year as his wife Diwata Cruz in what appears to be a sketchy Filipino sitcom.
– Aina will be appearing on “Ballers” alongside none other than “The Rock” himself Dwayne Johnson, coming onto the glitzy football scene in the latter part of the Season 3 where she’ll put her luminous touch.

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