Hotties On Film, TV, DVD & The Web – 1 May 2017

Minni Jo Mazzola in “Lucifer”

actress minni jo mazzola lucifer

– With her distinctive style, actress/singer/dancer Minni Jo Mazzola ensures she has a special place in our hearts. She’s consistently enchanting on TV having appeared in shows such as “Parks and Recreation and “Castle”.
– She guest-stars on “Lucifer” this week as Maria, a bass guitar player of the band Heavy Woolies who is a suspect in the murder of her band-mate. Her versatility onscreen comes to the fore as the punk-influenced musician.
– The fashionable Minni is also blessed with a delicate allure that’s brimming on the surface. One only has to check out her foxy turn on the web series “I Never Do This” to find her appeal desirable.

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Kelly Deadmon in “Elementary”

actress kelly deadmon elementary

– The engaging Kelly Deadmon has indeed been most inviting onscreen. Her notable stint on TV was a saucy one in “The Affair” alongside Joshua Jackson as both their characters partake in some randy passion.
– In this week’s episode of “Elementary”, Kelly guest-stars as Lara Ukhov, a woman who helps Sherlock Holmes take down an unscrupulous attorney who is not only corrupt but turns out to be a cold-blooded criminal.
– She can be seen on the Harper’s Bazaar web series “The Younger Games” which hints at ageism that has long plagued the acting industry as she tries out cosmetic procedures from breast lifts to vaginal rejuvenation!

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Joanna Ignaczewska in “Dark Signal”

actress Joanna Ignaczewska dark signal

– London based Polish actress Joanna Ignaczewska makes a riveting splash once more in the arena of indie horror having been magnetic in “The Scopia Effect” that delves into the spiritual journey of reincarnation.
– She stars in the gripping horror film “Dark Signal” as single mother Kate whose entanglement in a badly planned robbery goes sideways and she’s stranded in the company of the vengeful spirit of a young girl.
– Joanna has also been on a BT commercial alongside Mr Deadpool himself Ryan Reynolds. After wowing us with her memorable characterisation of complex women, it’s time she shines in a major TV series too.

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Katrina Bowden in “Monolith”

actress katrina bowden monolith

– It’s all about saluting the captivators of the screen right here and the adore-worthy Goddess that is Katrina Bowden is both a Sex Symbol as well as an accomplished entertainer of the film and TV worlds.
– Scene-stealing roles as the call girl Fortune on the 1960s set drama series “Public Morals” and as Bo, the stripper with the heart of gold in “Hard Sell” showcased her chops on both the dramatic and comedic front.
– Don’t miss Katrina in a horror tale most parents dread called “Monolith” in her role as Sandra, a woman whose son accidentally locks himself in a near-impenetrable vehicle that quickly becomes a death trap in the sun!

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