Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Fest 2017 Spotlight: Sheila Tejada

actress sheila tejada los angeles pacific film festival 2017

Sheila Tejada is a special talent, a gorgeous mix of beauty and brains with a creative streak that’s seen her shine on as well behind the lens. She’s the writer and leading lady of the short film “Man Of My Dreams”, playing Reese Claravall, a single twenty-something woman struggling to find ‘The One’. Using a dating app called Viiby, she chances upon Chris, a potential love interest but is he too good to be true? Sheila can also be seen in another short “What You Don’t Say” which means we’ll be treated to a double viewing of the luscious Sheila at this year’s LA Pacific Film Fest who is already in attendance, a genuine darling of the festival. This former beauty queen is delightfully shaking things up with vigour, finding her own path to success.

On the indie film front in “Driving While Black”, she caught the eye in her role as Officer Borty-Lio who is trying to get promoted in a squad full of men in order provide for her family. Sheila portrayed the diligent policewoman with a genuine sensibility in a drama that actually laces humour with its much more serious themes of racial profiling and police brutality. This relatable elucidation of life is the biggest draw of independent films and kudos to Sheila for being a mover of great cinema. Sheila aspires to work on movies that make “a positive impact on the world” and with her Filipino-American heritage, she’s able to rally the Asian community to get involved in charitable endeavours.

actress sheila tejada Man of My Dreams

With her inviting ebullience and being a creative visionary on top of her magnanimous personality, Sheila is ready to be the belle of the world.

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