IFS Film Fest 2017 Spotlight: Anna McNiven

actress anna mcniven ifs film festival 2017

A special place in our hearts is often reserved for Australian indie actresses and Anna McNiven is fuelling the rise of multi-hyphenates in entertainment. This luminous actress/director/producer/writer can be seen in the award-wining web series “Wait Crimes” which reveals the dichotomy between servers and diners with the reciprocal interplay told in a series of comedic bite-sized portions. Anna has previously worked with the great James Franco on 2 movies, the first on John Hamberg’s feature comedy called ‘Why Him’ alongside James, Brian Cranston and Keegan-Michael Key. Then she reunited with James once more on “The Disaster Artist”, the story behind the 2003 cult film The Room which has been hailed as one of the worst films ever made!

Anna is also making a name for herself in westerns with her leading role in “Cold Chains, Hard Hearts and Bloody Hands” and on “Traded” as a saloon girl called Giselle with Kris Kristofferson and Michael Pare. This would also mean she’s very much seen on the festival circuit having also appeared in features such as “$elfie Shootout” and “Only Now Existing’s Escape Artist”, both having screened at multiple film festivals. With her upcoming appearances in the genres of horror and sci-fi still to come, there’s plenty to be excited about Anna’s impending affluence as a burgeoning starlet.

actress anna mcniven wait crimes

Her bubbly personality is a trait we would be attracted to with ease and her creative endeavours behind the camera elevates her artistry to adore-worthy levels. Watch Anna take the indie film world with enterprising vivacity!

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