Sizzling Sweethearts To Crave @ Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Fest – Part 2

Mallory Low in “F**ked Up”

actress mallory low fucked up los angeles asian pacific film festival 2017

– It’s a wonderful event indeed to see an engagingly, lively talent of Asian heritage such as the delightful comedienne Mallory Lowe take centrestage on a TV pilot with her as the lead of the entertaining “F**ked Up”.
– She stars as Charlyne, a smart aleck of a young lady who tries to lose her virginity on the first day of college. Mallory’s a lovable riot and cheekily watchable in the skin of the rather plain jane yet obnoxious Charlyne.
– Having acknowledged that her character in “F**ked Up” is one of the most memorable she’s ever essayed, let’s hope the HBO TV pilot gets the green light. Mallory’s adorable appeal merits a weekly episodic consumption.

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Shani Salyers Stiles in “Columbus”

actress shani sayler stiles columbus los angeles asian pacific film festival 2017

– This is the year Shani Salyers Stiles is making her mark on indie cinema with her stirringly moving performance in “The Things We’ve Seen” as the wife of a fugitive husband who endeavours to protect her family.
– Do catch the lovely Shani in the inter-racial romantic drama “Columbus” alongside John Cho and one of my favourite actresses Haley Lu Richardson as passion unfolds in the midst of great modern architecture.
– With her delivery onscreen one of profound authenticity, Shani is set for growing adulation and her upcoming short film “Sarge” which centres on dementia in war veterans should get warm approval too.

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