Bentonville Film Fest 2017 Spotlight: Emily Dahm

actress emily dahm bentonville film festival 2017

Her beguiling girl-next door features should lead to a growing devotion and Emily Dahm may yet be a precious talent on the indie scene. She is appearing in the fascinating drama “In Search Of Fellini” alongside some of the most eclectic women onscreen including Maria Bello, Ksenia Solo and Mary Lynn Rajskub. There’s never enough stories about women and this story about a shy girl who is drawn towards movies as she sets out to Italy to find film-maker Federico Fellini is a tapestry of enthralling moments. Emily has been on “Ray Donovan” and was captivating in her recurring role on the award-winning web series “The House on South Bronson”. Her brightest of smiles is cause for some serious adoration. Oh how the cutest women never fail to steal our glances!

The realm of horror is certainly where viewers will soon find a warm attachment with Emily seeing how she has roles in a multitude of movies. This includes straight up horror fare such as “Ugly Sweater Party”. “Serena Waits and the ensemble terror tale “Death House” as well as the comedy tinged “#FromJennifer”. Emily is wonderfully navigating both the horror and comedy genres, the latter bearing some of her highlights having done numerous sketch videos with her group Pussycake and performed with her improv team Some Kinda Monster. As they say there’s plenty of horrific instances in comedy and the same can be said of funny, awkward examples of hilarity in horror. We’ve thrilled to see Emily being part of both.

actress emily dahm in search of fellini

We can’t wait to be invigorated by the pleasant appeal of Emily who should be regarded as a sweetheart.

Do visit the Emily Dahm Official Site for more updates.

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