IFS Film Fest 2017 Spotlight: The Women Of Besetment

The heartbeat of a great horror film is to take elements of old school terror and elevate them with a refreshing angle which “The House of the Devil” so effectively used as much as the recent “The Void” brought back the dread of practical horror. “Besetment” more than channels the creepiness of fright flicks of yore as we are taken to a time when evil lurks in the menacing shadows of towns such as the one at Mitchell, Oregon. Stars Abby Wathen and Hannah Barefoot are set to re-ignite our passion for the femmes of indie cinema this weekend which means this delectable duo are up for admiration.

actress abby wathen besetment

Fresh off her sojourn at Tribeca as one of the stars of the buzz-worthy TV Pilot “Lost & Found”, Abby continues her dazzling run at yet another film festival. She’s the leading lady of “Besetment” which has already garnered her awards and will intrigue audiences as Amanda, a down on her luck woman who soon finds that even more trouble is heading her direction. What is seemingly a great new job at a hotel quickly descends into a nightmarish scenario as the owners have only blood-thirsty intentions on their minds. The gifted Abby has been enrapturing hearts for quite some time and she’s a definite cert for our affection.

actress hannah barefoot besetment

Her glowing omnipresence is to be celebrated and Hannah Barefoot is making our hearts aflutter with prime roles on film as well as television. She’s made numerous eye-catching appearances on shows such as “Good Girls Revolt”, “The Librarians and “NCIS” as well as cementing herself as a riveting leading lady of indie features including “Incendio” and “Off The Rails”. Hannah is perennially celebrated right here on this blog and her role in “Besetment” ensures our devotion.

Here’s the always gracious Hannah revealing some juicy details about her character:

I play Deputy Julie, an officer in small town Oregon who helps locate a missing girl and her kidnappers. It’s a juicy thriller in the vein of 80’s horror movies, and it’s really fantastic. Produced through Barber Wire Films and shot on location in Mitchell, OR.

The gorgeous Hannah Barefoot is a face who would most certainly make the desirable list year on year.

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