Hotties On Film, TV, DVD & The Web – 6 May 2017

Lauren Myers in “The Space Between Us”

actress lauren myers the space between us

– When one has several absorbing scenes opposite the acclaimed Gary Oldman as the talented Lauren has in the “The Space Between Us”, it’s essential to shine the spotlight on this first-rate darling of film and television.
– She’s on a scene-stealing run on the indie festival circuit with stirring performances in features such as “Dead Billy” and as the sardonic Nurse Marlowe in the recent “The Merry Maids of Madness”.
– Viewers would recognise Lauren as Jeannie, the WAC Corps resident cutie on “Manhattan” and recently on the shows “Better Call Saul” as well as “The Graves”. We hope her ebullience graces another TV series and soon!

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Jules Hartley in “Black-ish”

actress jules hartley black-ish

– On account that I was elated to host her in Singapore when she came for a visit, the fetching and foxy Jules Hartley is an endearing figure in my heart so it’s time the world be in ardency of her comeliness.
– She has a fun part on “Black-ish” as Serendipity, a lady of the night who attends the marketing programme run by Deon Cole’s Charlie Telphy as she asks some pertinent questions about successfully running a business.
– While we’ve seen her saucy side onscreen most notably on “Femme Fatales” and the horror film “The Before Time”, Jules is set to thrill us as a funny woman in the upcoming comedy “Karla” alongside Natalie Burn.

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Andi Matheny in “The Shadow Effect”

actress andi matheny the shadow effect

– All eyes will be on the graceful Andi Matheny having recently won Best Florida Film at the Sunscreen Film Festival for her comedy short “The Newest Member” which she directed, wrote and starred in.
– The hilarious spin on group therapy introduces the eponymous Siri in a very different light who is full of expletives as Andi’s character Andrea the therapist soon finds out this AI is not taking anymore shit from anyone!
– Andi can also be seen in the action thriller “The Shadow Effect” alongside Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Michael Biehn and Cam Gigandet. 2017 could soon be a breakout year for Andi and I’m lucky to have her autograph!

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Alison Rood in “Life In Pieces”

actress alison rood life in pieces

– The bubbly Alison has worked with some of the most illustrious talents in the industry namely William H Macy, Emmy Rossum, Patricia Arquette and of course as Officer Meg Frazetta opposite David Duchovny on “Aquarius”.
– On “Life In Pieces”, she appears as Jordana, a benevolent mom of a baby son whose parenting skills upstage those of Greg (Colin Hanks) and Jen (Zoe Lister-Jones) on an airplane much to their astonishment.
– Her charming blue eyes is a cert to win us over even in real life and she has even done her own stunts as a guest-star on “CSI-Cyber” which involved a dangerous fiery scene. Alison’s fearlessness is worthy of our plaudits.

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