Amber Sweet

actress anna mcniven ifs film festival 2017
actress anna mcniven ifs film festival 2017

Amber Sweet is a name on the independent scene who could soon be enthralling audiences worldwide with her vividness onscreen. She stars in the emotion-centric short film “The Space Between” as Rachel, a woman perturbed by a familial loss of her maternal figure due to an accident she blames on herself. The initial scenes of Rachel and her husband Jake (Scott Speiser) in the throes of love masks what is to come, her fears of becoming a mother causing friction between the couple. While her hubby wants a kid, Rachel seems to suffer from a mental block on being a mum as she’s still haunted by her troubled past. Amber captures every distressed fibre of Rachel with an authentic gravitas, delving into what it means not to have a child in a marriage and the underlying causes that are expansively complex.

With Amber doubling up as the writer/producer of “The Space Between”, the personal sometimes heart-rending journey of her character Rachel certainly comes from a place of truth. ‘Kids aren’t something you can convince someone of, I don’t want to have kids because I can‘ quips Rachel to her husband in a bold statement of veracity. Despite pressures from society as well as those closer to home, the decision of child-bearing should ultimately rest in the hands of mothers. Audiences will also gravitate towards her feature as there’s an air of positivity throughout as Rachel’s plight is softened with support from her father Dean (John Ennis) and her therapist Dr Collins (Nicole Fazio). Amber might be a first time writer but we’ve already intrigued to see what engrossing stories she conceives in future.

actress amber sweet the space between us
actress amber sweet the space between us

Her multiple talents on both sides of the camera is likely to elevate the ravishing Amber to great heights and being at the forefront of feminine-centred narratives instals her as a firm favourite.

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