Sizzling Screen Sweethearts @ IFS Film Fest 2017 – Part 1

Nancy Stafford in “Common Threads”

actress nancy stafford common threads

– Nancy Stafford is primed to be fondly celebrated as a screen siren as she’s the captivating face of several films being released or are making their film festival rounds which includes the heartwarming “A Mermaid’s Tale”.
– She can be seen as the prim and proper Maybelle Bleu in “Common Threads”, a multi-generational story set in the 19th century of loss and eventual re-connection of 3 generations of women separated by tragedy.
– With her finesse as a comedienne, Nancy is a delight in “Heaven Bound” as Josie, one half of a desperate couple planning a jewelry heist. She’s also in the Netflix drama “Heritage Falls” as the devoted wife of a basketball coach.

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Michelle Rose in “Rhapsody”

actress michelle rose rhapsody

– Ready to assume the mantle of sexy action starlet, the ravishing Michelle Rose is kicking ass and taking names in “Rhapsody” as Francine a woman seeking vengeance when the love of her life is kidnapped.
– Viewers would have seen Michelle in her power suits as the dedicated press secretary of President Thomas (Matt Battaglia) in Tyler Perry’s drama series “Too Close To Home”. She was also on “The Haves and the Have Nots”.
– It’s does seem westerns are gaining a resurgence in popularity and that’s reason enough to catch the feminine wiles of the beautiful Michelle as the sultry gunslinger Liz Russell in “Six Gun Saviour”.

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Katy Foley in “All Is Foreseen”

actress katy foley all is foreseen

– Her diversity onscreen is odds on to be viewed with an ever burgeoning adoration and the comely Katy Foley makes for the perfect love interest in the character driven indie drama “All Is Foreseen”.
– Horror fans will love her resonating performance in “Ditch Day Massacre” as Jenny Bilson, a high school senior whose past involving a drink-driving accident and subsequent cover-up will come back to haunt her.
– She may be an enticing face of the horror genre, having starred in festival favourite “Ciaran The Demon Hunter” yet comedy is also her forte, dazzling us in several shorts as well as the web series “Homeschooled”.

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Kimberly Leemans in “The Big Swim”

actress kimberly leemans the big swim

– Kimberly Leemans came into prominence recently on the hit series “The Walking Dead” as Crystal, a resident of the Hilltop community whose entry into the cannon of the show is nothing short of dramatic.
– She’s also the hypnotising leading lady of the moving film “The Big Swim” as Rachel, a woman whose fear of inheriting breast cancer from her late mother drives her to swim with sharks and even find love along the way!
– This photogenic cutie has been mesmerising on the big and small screen with her crush-worthy appeal. She can be seen in the Marlon Wayans comedy “Naked” which is currently on the festival circuit.

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Felicity Price in “Bad Girl”

actress felicity price bad girl

– You may have seen Felicity in the western “The Duel” opposite Liam Hemsworth, Woody Harrelson among many others. She’s no stranger to compelling films having been fascinating in the drama “Wish You Were Here”.
– An award-winning indie darling, she’s etched in emotional turmoil as Michelle, a mother whose adopted daughter Amy (Sara West) fights from being displaced by her new best friend Chloe in the thriller “Bad Girl”.
– This vivacious, hyphenate Australian entertainer is slated to star opposite Twilight’s Peter Facinelli and Aubrey Peeples in “Heartthrob” tipped to be a teen romance that spirals out of control into a thriller!

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