Sizzling Screen Sweethearts @ IFS Film Fest 2017 – Part 2

Nicole Dambro in “Alone In The Dead Of Night”

actress nicole dambro alone in the dead of night

– Effusively charming with an allure that sizzles onscreen, Nicole Dambro came into our adoring view with her memorable turns as Flo in the horror flick “Pitchfork” as well as the film festival favourite “Death To Cupid”.
– She returns to beguile viewers yet again in the horror genre in “Alone In The Dead Of Night” as Gwen who helps her best friend Mallory to deal with her night terrors which may yet turn out to be something more!
– The accomplished Nicole also recently heated up the screen on the Lifetime Network’s “My Crazy Sex” and is notable for being the lead of the web series “CON” which garnered an Emmy nomination for her.

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Christine Lakin in “Jimmy The Saint”

actress christine lakin jimmy the saint

– From her adorable appearances in her improv comedy series “Hollywood Darlings” where she’s has been enjoyably witty to voicing Joyce Kinney on “Family Guy”, Christine is a screen honey we can’t get enough of!
– She’s recognised for her sparkling personality onscreen but Christine can most certainly be gritty as seen in “Jimmy The Saint” where she plays Petra, a Russian madam with quite the domineering streak.
– It’s apt that Christine recently appeared on the red carpet at IFS Film Festival with “Jimmy The Saint” winning a number of awards. Her dazzling presence in the arena of entertainment is deserving of accolades as well.

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Anastasia Barzee & Crystal Rivers in “Confessions Of A Teenage Jesus Jerk”

actress anastasia barzee confessions of a teenage jesus jerk
actress crystal rivers confessions of a teenage jesus jerk

– Look out for the luminous duo of Anastasia Barzee and Crystal Rivers who can be seen in “Confessions Of A Teenage Jesus Jerk”, the coming of age story of a teen grappling with his adolescence as a Jehovah Witness.
– The fetching Anastasia Barzee has been making an enchanting impression on television having guest-starred on shows such as “Beauty and the Beast”, “Younger”, “The Affair” and most recently “Madam Secretary”.
– Crystal was also a guest-star on the Netflix show “GirlBoss” and she’s making a play for many an indie fan’s heart with appearances in “Bad People” and the upcoming “The Thing Before the Thing”

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