Madelyn Cline

actress madelyn cline the originals

TV has indeed become a shrine for giving praise to up and coming actresses with the adore-worthy Madelyn Cline deserving of affection. She has a recurring role on “The Originals” as Jessica, one of four girls known as The Harvest Girls who in spite of their recent killing are key to answers pursued by Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) when it comes to facing The Hollow. As we soon discover, The Hollow is a being of unimaginable power that was borne when two rival tribes united to form a coven and the union between a married pair from both tribes produced a malevolent offspring. One could say that this week’s episode “Voodoo In The Blood” has a magical group of inviting brunettes with Madelyn joining regular Phoebe Tonkin and the returning Danielle Campbell who plays Davina.

“The Originals” stint for Madelyn is her second having last year made appearances on the hilarious comedy series “Vice-Principals”. She played Taylor Watts, a high school cheerleader who is involved in her school’s pep rally decoration only to be chided sarcastically by Danny McBride’s Neal Gamby. He however did praised her as being a beautiful young lady on the show which we know to be true of the comely Madelyn when she’s on camera. She’s returning as Taylor in Season 2 of “Vice-Principals” and one can only envision her to add her luminous touch to the episode. Madelyn has also starred in the family friendly “Savannah Sunrise” alongside Shawnee Smith of “Saw” fame as her on-screen daughter Willow.

actress madelyn cline sizzling cutie

It’s time to start the passion movement going for the stars of tomorrow and Madelyn has the enchanting facets to be a sought-after talent.

2 thoughts on “Madelyn Cline

    1. HI Madelyn.

      Such a nice surprise. Thanks for the acknowledgement. can’t wait to see more of you on TV Land!

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