Cannes Film Fest 2017 Spotlight: Katy Bodenhamer

actress katy bodenhamer cannes film festival 2017

The French Riviera will be awash with glitz as the Cannes Film Festival returns this year and so will the most endearing actresses such as the fetching Katy Bodenhamer. She stars in the horror short “Inside Linda Vista Hospital” which screens at the Festival Corner. Mixing found footage and suspenseful narrative, she plays Katie, a woman who wakes up at a hospital with the blood of her boyfriend all over her. With the help of a camera, she pieces together the enigma of her predicament and soon finds some things might be best left undiscovered. Known for her comedic flair, horror fans will see Katy in a fascinating light as she’ll catch our eyes in a most arresting fashion.

It’s all about building up tension and Katy does a wonderful job in the role of Katie who is slowly sucked into the mystery that could very well consume her. “Inside Linda Vista Hospital” has already won numerous accolades for Director Jun Xia and may yet win more at future film festivals. Katy has also appeared in the moving short “Adam & Miriam” which screened at the 2016 Edition of Cannes. We may yet see Katy as a regular fixture of the prestigious festival in years to come.

actress katy bodenhamer inside linda vista hospital

Do check out the Katy Bodenhamer Official Site for more updates.

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