Sizzling Women To Crave @ Cannes Film Fest 2017 – Part 1

Taylor Kalupa in “Nova”

actress taylor kalupa cannes 2017 nova

– With her stunning features that would effortlessly grace a Miss USA pageant, the heavenly Taylor Kalupa is set to be a muse of the screen for many a year as will her affable personality likewise gain her a growing adulation.
– She came into prominence having starred as Gabby in “I’m Not Ashamed”, loosely based on the Columbine High School massacre. Taylor provided comic relief in the midst of a moving drama about heartbreaking loss.
– Look out for the Taylor to add her glowing presence to the short film “Nova” which centres on 2 cousins who having grown apart due to their inability to communicate soon find something even more unexpected.

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Erica Derrickson in “Soul Candy”

actress erica derrickson cannes 2017 soul candy

– The fascination over talented blue-eyed blondes on film is a ceaseless one especially when we get to gaze upon the finery of actress/producer/writer Erica Derrickson who is quite the enigmatic indie actress.
– She’s bound to be eye-catching in “Soul Candy” as Kaya who helps her sister Siri, a shy bookworm to win the affections of a used bookstore clerk. Erica is a vision of endearment in this romantic comedy short.
– The delightfully conceived “Soul Candy” is also premiering at Dances With Films in June which can only mean more attention to be lavished on the comely Erica who has also dazzled us at other film festivals.

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Halley Feiffer in “The Curse Of Don Scarducci”

actress halley feiffer cannes 2017 the curse of don scarducci

– It does look like this is turning out to be a blonde obsession week with the luminous indie darling and festival princess Halley Feiffer stealing hearts once more, this time at the glamorous event that is Cannes.
– She’s always been a big part of the festival circuit and this time in the hilarious “The Curse Of Don Scarducci”, she’s a genuine charmer as Sherrie, the moll of a mobster who discovers his intolerance to gluten.
– Her glowing presence has accentuated memorable independent movies such as “Appropriate Behaviour” and “It Had to Be You”. It should be acknowledged that she’s viewed with endless admiration by indie fans.

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Lauren Orrell in “Happy”

actress lauren orrell cannes 2017 happy

– Lauren Orrell impressed upon us her caliber as a dramatic performer and had us hooked on the web series “Starting From Now”. This Aussie actress shone as Kristen Sheridan whose love life is rather tumultuous.
– Don’t miss her intense performance in “Happy” as the titular protagonist Happy, a sexually inexperienced woman who downloads a lesbian dating app on her birthday to seek a liaison with another woman.
– Her upcoming horror feature “Mabel” is bound to stir the senses with its Gothic quality inspired by Stoker. Set in New South Wales Australia, she plays a mysterious woman who is at the center of chilling revelations.

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