Cannes Film Fest 2017 Spotlight: Alli Chung

actress alli chung cannes film festival 2017

Alli Chung would most certainly be a dazzler at Cannes and her elegance rightly belongs on the glamorous red carpets of any film festival. She stars in the enthralling short film “Mariner” which tells of a young marine navigation student suffering from intense anxiety during his final exams as a past incident haunts him. Alli plays his tough as nails instructor who might just make a man out of him yet. It’s much more interesting to see the fairer sex wield the stick proving that women are just as prodigious when it comes to whipping us men into shape. “Mariner” has all the makings of a sleeper hit!

Alli is an award-winning Canadian actress who has guest-starred on a number of TV shows namely “The Expanse” and “Dark Matter”. In a show that’s fronted by gorgeous kick-ass women such as Melissa O’Neil and Jodelle Ferland, Alli is a welcome addition to “Dark Matter” as Perelandra Jones, the girlfriend of space criminal Talbor Calchek who is saved by Two (Melissa) and Five (Jodelle). She continued her sci-fi journey onscreen on “The Expanse” as Sam Rosenborg, a member of Tycho Station crew who is tasked with cracking MCRN encryption on the Donnager’s battle report data cube. Next-up for Alli is the Canadian feature “Brown Girl Begins” set in 2049 on a forsaken island off the coast of Toronto where a girl is revered as a priestess. With Alli’s Swedish, Irish and Chinese heritage, her appeal is one that should be attractively engaging on a global scale.

actress alli chung mariner cannes film festival 2017

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