Sizzling Women To Crave @ Cannes Film Fest 2017 – Part 2

Molly Ratermann in “Lizzie Lost”

actress molly ratermann cannes 2017 lizzie lost

– With one of her films “Suicide” having recently screened at the Nice Film Fest 2017, Molly Ratermann is bringing her luminosity to Cannes with her second film, the darkly romantic comedy “Lizzie Lost”.
– Her award-winning, intriguing take on the act of self-killing in “Suicide” is refreshingly witty as is her quirky leading lady Carson and this director/writer/actress is more than ready to shine in the limelight.
– “Lizzie Lost” sees Molly as the titular Lizzie who has to face reality when she’s beset by problems in her health and love life. It’s a poignant dramedy that delves into the personal struggles faced by the LGBT community.

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Reid Cox in “Mackenzie”

actress reid cox cannes 2017 mackenzie

– Reid Cox is primed to be a scene stealer as an anorexic whose sister doesn’t think highly of her in the short “Mackenzie”. Having battled an eating disorder herself, kudos to her for tackling anorexia onscreen.
– Having also been a delight in the short medium with her appearances in features such as “I Blame Monty Hall” and “Juniper”, she also made a wonderful impression as a guest-star on the last season of “Awkward”.
– Imbuing the characters she has played with instances culled from her own life stories, her innate drive has seen Reid essay some of the most relatable women on film and TV. She’s even blossom into a adept producer!

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Heather L. Tyler in “Je Suis”

actress heather l tyler cannes 2017 je suis

– Those soulful eyes of hers make Heather L. Tyler a stirring indie darling and she’s beguiled audiences with her range in numerous films which have made it on the festival circuit including her latest “Je Suis”.
– In “Je Suis”, she stars as Ann, a frazzled mum with aspirations to have everything go her way but just like in real life, things don’t as she struggles to meet societal expectations as a working mother.
– Do look out for her in “Johnny Frank Garrett’s Last Word”, the horror flick that has been gaining a steady buzz at film festivals with its premise of a curse that affects everyone involved in an innocent man’s execution.

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Christina Wren in “Surface Of The Last Scattering”

actress christina wren cannes 2017 Surface Of The Last Scattering

– The adorable Christina Wren is notable for appearing as Major Carol Ferris in “Man Of Steel” and “Batman Vs Superman”. Isn’t it time Christina gets her chance to suit up as the female super-heroine Star Sapphire?
– In the dark comedic short “Surface of the Last Scattering”, catch her as Dr. Emmons, one of three female scientists who gets involved in a love triangle at a research station deep in the South Pole.
– Christina’s versatility onscreen will be in full display as her upcoming films will encompass a multitude of genres. Such are her endearing features that audiences will find it a breeze to keep coming back to watch her in action.

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Nadine Crocker in “PostColonial Nostalgia”

actress nadine crocker cannes 2017 postcolonial nostalgia

– One of the most alluring women to grace both film and television, Nadine Crocker is one of my screen heroines who is a consummate actress be it as a romantic leading lady or essaying some of the grittiest roles.
– She is set to appear in “Postcolonial Nostalgia” as the love interest of Milo, a man who joins a house party where a group of Afghan war veterans reminisce over his deceased brother over a card game.
– Having played nice in the romantic drama “Rodeo & Juliet”, she went on star in the terrifying “Cabin Fever” remake before kicking ass and then some as Scorcher, a delusional Infernian extremist with pyrotechnic powers who has multiple duels with Supergirl.

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