Laura Flannery

actress laura flannery sunset film festival 2017

Personifying all that is elegant and strikingly seductive, Laura Flannery is set to hold our sway this weekend. She stars in “The Golden Rut” which is screening at the Sunset Film Festival Los Angeles 2017. Taking on the dual role of Ebby/Alex, viewers will be falling for her twice as she plays 2 identical sisters who are complete opposites. As Ebby, she’s an accomplished entrepreneur who is the paramour of actor Scottie (Josh Ashy Holden). As Alex, she’s the enticing figure who happens to show up to stay with her sis Ebby. Are these two women too hot for Scottie to handle? We do however know that the gorgeous Laura is every bit the Goddess up on screen. Be it as a sweetheart or a minx, Laura never fails to beguile us with her enigmatic allure.

While Laura had a recurring role on “American Horror Story”, she will be fronting the horror film “A Haunting at Silver Falls 2”. She will star as Jordan, a woman who not only has to face her serial killer of an aunt in life but after death too when she returns as a spectre. Laura is also guest-starring on the upcoming Niecy Nash series “Claws” which is very much female-centric, delving into the lives of women at a Florida Salon. The world of manicures is going to provide us with drama that’s as colourful as the nail work.

actress laura flannery the golden rut sunset film festival 2017

This year, Laura’s captivating facets will be adorning a number of films and there’s no better time to shower her with our passion.

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