Hoboken International Film Fest 2017 Spotlight: Michele Frantzeskos

actress michele frantzeskos hoboken international film festival 2017

We are so often in reverence of the women who front indie films and Michele Frantzeskos will illuminate the screen in the months ahead. She stars in “The Breaking Point” written and directed by Joe Gawalis who is also the producer alongside Chris Victor. Michele plays Julia Thompson, a dominating and seductive divorcee who pushes her ex-husband to the breaking point. In a risque relationship with a younger man who happens to be her trainer, she’s living large in a carefree existence with her kids in tow.

Michele also had her film “The Right To Live” earned a nomination at the 2016 Edition of the Hoboken International Film Fest and she returns this year captivate us in the artistic psychological thriller “The Breaking Point”. The roles she essayed are rooted in personal experiences which she has used to craft stories that come from a place of truth and deep-seated emotions. She is the genuine article when one talks about indie actresses who are moving storytellers.

Here’s the gracious Michele talking about her current and upcoming projects:

“The Right To Live” is an award winning film about domestic violence that has been circulating thru a lot of recovery centers, charity events guest speaking which is sponsored by Bellevue hospital has landed distribution with Amazon, ITunes, Google this upcoming month and set to be released in a couple months with Netflix and Hulu. (Michele Frantzeskos and Nancy Vazquez founders of Raystar Film And Production Inc). Saving lives one step at a time one day at a time by spreading awareness and showing what the tell tale signs are and where it originates. Seeking counseling will help you regain your power back so you can live a life free of any form of abuse. Everyone has “THE RIGHT TO LIVE” a healthy, positive prosperous life.

Bound by Debt –

Starring in this film as Kristen James who is married to a notorious gambler/mobster I play opposite Bobby Ciasulli. A mother whom is emotionally drained by the actions of what her husband has put her and children thru. Devoted wife who has unconditional love for her husband and children who won’t allow anyone stand in her way of their happiness. Will seek guidance from the “James”
Written and Directed Anna Mormando, Produced Paul Mormando and Distribution with Cinevest

Matters Of The Heart –

A film by Nancy Vazquez in the lead role portray emotional role as Mrs Cleaver whom is battling breast cancer and delves into her fight for survival while struggling with trials and tribulations that surround her family. I am Producer, Assistant Director for this film.

American Sensei –

lead role – writer / director Anna Mormando filming soon.

The Streetz –

I portray Mrs Russo soon to be released and in the upcoming Film as well for Streetz part 2 filming now
Writer/ director Eddie Rivera.

Bum Rush season 1 and season 2 –

I portray Detective Rita Bartolli and is filming now.

actress michele frantzeskos breaking point hoboken international film festival 2017

With a collection of films on the horizon, it’s time we appreciate the wonderful Michele as she dazzles us at a film festival darling.

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