Amber Stonebraker

actress amber stonebraker sunset film festival 2017

Indie darlings are most certainly special in our hearts and Amber Stonebraker is ready to be the charmer in our lives. If you’re at this year’s Sunset Film Fest, catch Amber in the romantic short “This is Joseph.” She’s ever the enchanting lady as Maya, who spices up the life of the titular Joseph who yup you guess it…is such a drag. Even the narrator of the story considers him to be a bore and it’s timely that Maya came into his life to wake him up from his slumber. Of course, a love story is not one without its complications as we will soon find with Joseph and Maya. Amber’s next feature “Sex Weather” also deals with relationships as she plays a woman who has a one-night stand end ends up talking all day with her lover.

She has also guest-starred on the series “Grimm” which of course has ended its run on TV. Here’s Amber talking about role as Summer Blake on Season 5:

She gets “discovered” at a mall by this charming and handsome photographer guy who tells her that she has a great look and that he’d like to work with her. She goes to his studio for a photo shoot and he ends up drugging her and she passes out and then he turns into a weird beetle type wesen and sucks out her youth. She wakes up and feels ok but a little later she ages really quickly and dies as an old lady! It was a blast!

While “Grimm” has its share of monsters of lore, Amber is indeed playing a creature of the night in “For The Road” which will see her fanged up as a vampire.

actress amber stonebraker this is joseph

With an eclectic mix of roles, Amber is bound to endear herself to a wide spectrum of audiences who could soon affectionately value her beauteous appeal.

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