The Women Of Twin Peaks

The highly anticipated reboot of Twin Peaks will be dominating discussion all of this week and so will be the bevy of beauties from the original series as well as the new faces. While the 1990 version was graced by stunning women such as Mädchen Amick and Sheryl Lee, there’s a new generation of enthralling actresses in the 2017 Edition of “Twin Peaks” to keep viewers transfixed. There’s also the killer electronica soundtrack featuring acts such as Chromatics and Au Revoir Simone to placate us with an eclectic aural pleasure.

Nicole LaLiberte

actress nicole laliberte twin peaks

Appearing alongside Kyle McLachlan who plays the evil doppelgänger of Cooper, Nicole plays the saucy sidekick Darya who will soon discover just how nasty he is as compared to the real Agent Cooper. This strikingly luscious redhead will also be guest-starring in the series “I’m Dying Up Here” starring Melissa Leo which ensures our fascination with Nicole is here to stay. Adding to that is her memorable role as the quirky, bubbly Ms. President in “Adam Green’s Aladdin” and you have a starlet on a red-hot trail of burgeoning adulation.

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Kate Alden

actress kate alden twin peaks

Kate recently attended the premiere of Showtime’s ‘Twin Peaks’ in a sexy white ensemble and is set to make her debut on what is a surreal return to the town of Twin Peaks, Washington. Having previously appeared on the fantastical world of “The Librarians”, this hallucinatory David Lynch opus should be right up her alley. Kate is best known for her riveting portrayal in “The Device” as Rebecca, the younger of two sisters who re-connect after being apart only for their lives to turn into a nightmare after discovering an object of alien origin.

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Lisa Coronado

actress lisa coronado twin peaks

Her scene-stealing turn as Dr Mech on “Z-Nation” made us avid fans and Lisa will most definitely be an actress to be passionate about on “Twin Peaks” where she recently walked the red carpet premiere. Lisa has also been a radiant fixture at various film festivals having taken on many characters from different eras. Her youthful, old world features allows her to sink her teeth into women from varying timelines which speaks well of her adaptability onscreen. TV is certainly a medium we would love to see her tell more intriguing stories.

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