The Women Of Baby Daddy

Comedies have a special place in our hearts and for 6 seasons “Baby Daddy” has entertained audiences with its sweet-natured take on untimely single parenthood. With its season finale this week, there’ll surely be a soft spot for the actresses who appear on its 100th and final episode. Credit must certainly go to these lovely ladies of comedy who join lead Chelsea Kane in what is a finale that throws up a few surprises as it ends on an enjoyable high!

Rachna Khatau

actress rachna khatau baby daddy

With her super speedy talkative nature and the high-pitched vocal chords in her recurring role as Sondra on “Baby Daddy”, Rachna is already a standout on the show. You won’t be someone in real and reel life quite like the often overzealous Sondra with Rachna shining with such distinctive verve. Her ascendency on TV as a comedienne is catching fire with another recurring role on the new series “Downward Dog” as well as adding some fun in a 2 episode arc on “Game Shakers”. The endearing Rachna is certainly making waves as a special comedienne.

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Lizz Carter

actress lizz carter baby daddy

One of the most charming screen talents both on and off camera, Lizz Carter is a captivating face of the film and TV worlds. Her graciousness is as delightful as her fetching beauty and she’s proving to be a joy to watch as a guest-star on “Baby Daddy”. She plays Mary Ann, the perky dance studio attendant who despite a barrage of tirades from Mr Baby Daddy himself Ben Wheeler, manages to keep her cool. With her charismatic personality, it’s time for viewers to check her out on “Feud” as the acclaimed actress Margaret Leighton.

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Alycia Grant

actress alycia grant baby daddy

Alycia is notable for her role as Meg in “Chasing Life”, a member of the cancer patient support group who helped Italia Ricci’s April to cope with the Big C. Now we get to see this adorable talent on “Baby Daddy” as she appears as one of several women with the name Elle who could actually be the mother of Ben Wheeler’s daughter Emma. Catch Alycia alongside Melissa Peterman who plays Ben’s mom Bonnie Wheeler and in this finale, Alycia glows with bountiful spunk. She’s definitely an actress with those kissable features that deserves repeated viewings.

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