Hoboken International Film Fest 2017 Spotlight: TV Pilot East

TV Pilots are all the rage and at this year’s Hoboken International Film Festival, the original series “East” will be eliciting warm approval soon enough. The ensemble dramedy about the hustle and bustle of entertainment from an acting newbie’s perspective is sure to resonate with those who have ever had ambitions to be a performer. “East” sees Dana Marisa Schoenfeld as Ella who after getting fired from her corporate job dives into the harsh reality of the entertainment world in New York City as an aspiring actress and along the way meeting some of the most colourful characters.

Dana is also the director and writer of this riveting piece on the machine that is the acting industry and the dreamers who come to seek fame. After all, it’s often the characters we grow an attachment too and Dana has roped in some of the finest actresses to bring her vision to life. It’s exciting to see Natalie Roy and Jeanine Bartel on Dana’s passion project who are very much adored on this blog as well as in the entertainment sphere. With Dana’s accomplishments both on and behind the camera, she’s on the path of burgeoning adulation too.

Dana Marisa Schoenfeld

actress Dana Marisa Schoenfeld hoboken international film festival 2017 east

Natalie Roy

actress natalie roy hoboken international film festival 2017 east

Jeanine Bartel

actress jeanine bartel hoboken international film festival 2017 east

Here’s Dana revealing more about her cast as well as their roles on her TV Pilot “East”:

Natalie and I have been wanting to work together for a long time – we met through Jen Rudolph of the Actors Green Room. I wrote the role of Ava Thomas specifically for her as I knew she would be able to capture the essence of the character. Since Natalie herself is such a warm and kindhearted person, I thought the character of Ava would be a really fun role for her to step into – a young starlet on the rise with huge ambition and questionable morals. It’s always fun to get the opportunity to play someone who has a different outlook on life.

Jeanine was cast in another project called The Real Page Turner – a web series that I produced and Page Cooper Anderson Executive Produced. I absolutely adored her work – her comedic timing was right on, and I was thrilled to be able to work with her in East. She plays the role of Jocelyn, Ella’s sister (played by me), a rigid perfectionist who operates in the wealthy and status-conscious world of the Upper East Side.

I am extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with both of these incredibly talented actors who brought so much to their respective roles.

actress east hoboken international film festival 2017 east

The beautiful trio of Dana, Natalie and Jeanine are the darlings of the screen who are stoking the flames of adoration in us and we can’t wait for more of their illuminating influence on our lives.

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