Cannes Film Fest 2017 Spotlight: Kara Jackson

actress kara jackson fly away cannes film festival 2017

When it comes to blossoming starlets, the divine Kara Jackson is primed to be a screen darling in our eyes. With an upcoming role in the comedy “Wilde Wedding” alongside Glenn Close and John Malkovich as well as the short film “Fly Away” screening at this year’s Cannes, she’s ready to entice the globe.

Here’s the gorgeous Kara revealing more about her feature “Fly Away”:

So, ‘Fly Away’ is a short that will be screened out of competition but I’m so glad it was chosen and will be getting seen. My amazing director, Michael Gluckstern, co-wrote this with the super talented Brianne Berkson, (who I did the movie “Bad Vegan” with a few years back), and it’s based on his real-life experience of falling for a girl that he saw on the street in Europe and then having a whole day-long ‘affair’ with her- and the story doesn’t just stop at that; it goes past the sort of sexy ‘gloss’ and shows the human and flawed sides of these people…it explores what happens when the daydream ends and that initial moment of lust wanes, and real life re-enters the picture. Do you change as a result of following these impulses? Or do you take the safe route, back to the reality that you were trying to escape from in the first place? That sort of thing…

This was such a cool (if intimidating) role- I often play very offbeat, ‘charactery’ roles, which I love, but I got a chance to show my sexy side here… I was a little terrified about how it would come out! I haven’t seen the finished project yet but the rough cut was very cool and gorgeously shot- the director and the cinematographer, Albert Salas went above and beyond making this beautiful. And of course I had the awesome Eric T. Miller as my acting partner, who made this so easy and fun…there was a LOT of laughter on set!

actress kara jackson cannes film festival 2017

The always luminous Kara is also known for her television work in shows such as “Unforgettable” and “House Of Cards” which is returning for its 5th season. With her gracious facets and her steady rise as a comedic talent who revels in the kooky side of life onscreen, we’ll be looking at Kara with bountiful affection.

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