Indie Darlings To Adore @ Hoboken International Film Fest 2017 – Part 1

Julianna Robinson in “Gas Light”

actress julianna robinson gas light hoboken international film festival 2017

– Her delicately, enigmatic features are odds on to sway us into loving her beguiling portrayals on film and Julianna Robinson tops it off by being a writer and producer as well as a consummate actress.
– She is the stirring star of the thriller “Gas Light” as Sister Gracie Rose, a troubled nun who inadvertently gets trapped in a remote storage facility after attempting to reconnect with a former lover from her past.
– Julianna has already been lauded for her exceptional onscreen work having won the Best Actress Award at the 2016 LA Indie Film Fest in the lead role of Emily in “The Funeral Guest” proving that she’s one to covet.

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Amanda Hall in “Aimee”

actress amanda hall aimee hoboken international film festival 2017

– Whenever a feature deals with real world problems such as sex trafficking, it’s a must to show our support for its leading lady, the gorgeous Amanda Hall who takes us on a engagingly emotive journey in “Aimee”.
– As the ex-marine Jessica who is on the hunt for her her sister Aimee (Jamie M. Timmons) abducted by child sex traffickers, we get to see her in action mode as the desperate women trying to save her sibling.
– While she has certainly tackled some of the darkest subject matter on film including an appearance on sleeper horror hit “V/H/S Viral”, Amanda recently threaded much lighter ground on “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”.

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Christina Schimmel in “Ashes”

actress Christina Schimmel ashes hoboken international film festival 2017

– Christina Schimmel is the curvaceous Canadian sweetheart who has been eye-catching in a number of indie horror films most notably in “The Hospital 2” and will appear in the upcoming “Alison Undone”.
– You may have spotted Christina on the show “Mary Kills People” and the highly anticipated serial killer found-footage horror thriller “Capture Kill Release” which has made a big impression at numerous film festivals.
– She stars in the drama “Ashes” as the mom of the protagonist Liam who discovers that his parents final wishes was to have their ashes scattered where they first met, sparking his road trip to honour them.

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Mariah Bonner in “Blend In”

actress mariah bonner blend in hoboken international film festival 2017

– The small screen saw the emergence of the ravishing Mariah Bonner who had a guest-starring role on the hit series “Scorpion” as Natalya Abelev, the reigning international chess champion from Sardovia.
– She’ll soon exhibit her comedic chops in the fun TV pilot “Blend In” as she stars as Toni, an idealistic woman who has moved to L.A. from her native homeland in order to pursue the American Dream.
– From June 8 to 25, be sure to catch Mariah in “Breather”, a play by Marilyn Fu at the 2017 Hollywood Fringe Festival directed by Keliher Walsh. She plays Nina, a woman who is exploring Orgasmic Meditation with her coach, Kerry.

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Tara Westwood in “The Karma Club”

actress tara westwood the karma club hoboken international film festival 2017

– One of the most alluring women onscreen and on the red carpet, Tara Westwood has been making waves in a number of intriguing independent films as well as being a fetching guest-star on several TV shows.
– She is notable as the star of the must-watch quirky road movie “Detours”. Tara has also showcased her emotive side on a recent episode of “Bull” and that she’s quite the vixen on “Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll”.
– In “The Karma Club”, the bewitching Tara enthrals us with her feminine wiles as Regina Scott, a mysterious woman who offers a job to 3 orphaned brothers that will test their bond and change their lives forever.

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Ingrid Vollset in “Heavy Objects”

actress ingrid vollset heavy objects hoboken international film festival 2017

– With her cherubic charms and ebullient presence, Ingrid Vollset is steadily turning into an endearing face on the film festival circuit. Her Norwegian roots most certainly has a hand in us inculcating a passion for her.
– She will captivate viewers in the crime drama “Heavy Objects” as Krista McGuy, a member of a privileged American family who is drawn into a volatile event that shatters their entitled existence.
– Ingrid is also garnering a delightful response for her drama “Throupie” which has screened at various festivals and will be starring alongside living legend Peter Fonda of “Easy Rider” fame in the upcoming “You Can’t Say No”.

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