Alamo City Comic Con 2017 Spotlight: Susie Abromeit

actress susie abromeit alamo city comic con 2017

This year’s festivities at the Alamo City Comic Con is ready to sizzle with the enticing Susie Abromeit gracing the event for 3 days all of this weekend. She is familiar to fans of comic lore as Pam in “Jessica Jones, the personal assistant and love interest of attorney Jeri Hogarth (Carrie-Anne Moss). Of course things heated up quickly as the two engaged in a lesbian relationship that comes with the highs and lows. From an entanglement in a messy divorce and her own backstory of familial abuse, Susie instil a complexity in her role as Pam in keeping with the depth of all the female characters of “Jessica Jones”. She also added a sensual essence to Pam as well as an elegance in the fashion stakes which is sheer proof of Susan’s stature as a Screen Goddess.

Expect fans of “Jessica Jones” to be clamouring for Pam’s return in Season 2. Meanwhile we can fawn over Susie in her Lifetime TV Movie “Sometimes the Good Kill” which premise goes the murder mystery route as a Mother Superior is found dead at an abbey. In another richly textured role, Susie stars as Sister Talia, a nun who is tasked to find out the person responsible for the killing. Talia will also have to keep the abbey’s reputation intact as she goes on an emotional journey to solve a most heinous murder. Television has most certainly been the medium where she’s been a captivating face for years and “Supernatural” fans will always hold her dear having guest-starred as the sensual reformed porn star Carmelita a.k.a. Suzy Lee on the episode “Rock and a Hard Place”. Hey Dean, you’re one lucky dude!

actress susie abromeit jessica jones

Attendees at the Alamo City Con will get to connect with the stunning Susie alongside a bevy of hotties including Karen Gillan who is famed as Nebula in “Guardians of the Galaxy” franchise and Katrina Law from “Arrow”. The accomplished Susie can indeed be viewed with adulation as a Wonder Woman of entertainment.

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