The Women Of Bloodline

Netflix yet again keeps us glued with the final season of the drama series “Bloodline” and so will our fascination with the women on the show. In addition to stalwarts Linda Cardellini and Jacinda Barrett, we are introduced to new characters in Season 3 with the emergence of Jules Willcox and Susan Gallagher. Both these lovely ladies have made a riveting impression on the small screen and they’ll both keep our flames of affection burning with their respective roles on “Bloodline”. Get ready for more of the tension-filled slow-burn drama that had critics calling it one of the most addictive shows.

Jules Willcox

actress jules willcox bloodline

This year, Jules had a moving 2-hour story arc on “Chicago P.D” as Nicole Silver, the sister of Marina Squerciati’s Kim Burgess who became a victim of rape. On “Bloodline”, she’s the law as Julia Degrasse, a detective with a feisty streak who has a cordial relationship with Kyle Chandler’s John Rayburn. John does indeed call Julia ‘Crazy” which is an intriguing makeup of the character that Jules essays with such moxie. Those lucky enough to be at Cannes should also note that Jules has a feature playing at the Festival Corner called “Midwife”.

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Susan Gallagher

actress susan gallagher bloodline

Her persuasive charisma makes Susan a face to adore longingly. She guest-stars as Lilyan Sanger, the psychiatrist who is helping Kyle Chandler with his marital problems that involves his wife Diana Rayburn (Jacinda Barrett). She’s the calming voice who tries to soothe what has been trouble brewing between the couple for years as well as trying to ascertain their current relationship with their daughter Jane ( Taylor Rouviere). Her luminous run on TV will catch our eyes as she’s slated to appear on the series “Queen Sugar” sometime in July.

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