Dances With Films 2017 Spotlight: Abby Eiland

actress abby eiland dances with films 2017

Abby Eiland is about to announce herself in riveting fashion as the leading lady of a new western at this year’s Dances With Films. She stars as Josephine Cassidy in “Cassidy Red”, a vengeful woman who is on a mission to deal swift justice to her scornful ex-fiancée, the corrupt sheriff of her hometown who is responsible for her lover’s murder. “Cassidy Red” introduces to us a tough female figure in Josephine Cassidy that’s so often rarely seen in the genre of the wild west but this time we get to see the talented Abby as an outlaw of love. With her being such a fearless woman thirsty for retribution, it would be fitting if Abby was given a role on “Westworld”, despite that American frontier being just a simulation.

Abby channels the nuances of her character Josephine a.k.a Joe with a guile that will see her transform from lovely dovey sweetheart to a gunslinger out for blood as red as her crimson hair. What a way to start off Dances With Films with a sterling female-fronted indie actioner which screens in the same month as the Hollywood blockbuster “Wonder Woman”. Abby will also appear in another genre which I’m very much partial to namely witchcraft as she stars as one of five young women whose gathering for a witch-themed board game reveals that one of them could be a genuine witch in the upcoming “Witch-Hunt”!

With her presence across stage, film, and network television, Abby is all set to intrigue audiences and illuminate the festival circuit.

Please visit the ABBY EILAND OFFICIAL SITE for all the latest updates.

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