Must Watch Indie Darlings @ Dances With Films 2017 – Part 1

Lola Kelly in “Cassidy Red”

actress lola kelly cassidy red dances with films 2017

– Lola Kelly has the versatility to be stirring on film having been eye-catching in indie features such as “The Ouija Exorcism” as well as on stage in major roles such as “Ophelia”, “Miss Julia” and “Inez”.
– She’s ever the seductive siren as brothel owner Rowena in the western “Cassidy Red” who can most certainly inveigle the best of us men and yet she’s most certainly someone who can dish out some appropriate justice.
– Last year, the ever graceful Lola had a recurring stint on “The Fosters” as the pregnant mum Ann Simons who is given the tour of the Adams-Foster family home which might be potentially sold to her and her husband.

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Kiva Jump in “Eliza Sherman’s Revenge”

actress kiva jump eliza sherman's revenge dances with films 2017

– Her track record on television has been a luminous one with guest-star roles in some of the biggest hits such as “Mad Men”, “Bones”, “Life in Pieces” and most recently opposite John Lithgow in “Trial & Error”.
– From bubbly housewives to impressionable nurses to straight-laced secretaries, she’s excelled across multiple genres and her emergence on the festival circuit this week is going to be much appreciated.
– Look out for Kiva to shine in “Eliza Sherman’s Revenge”, a funny, twisted movie about love, revenge as well as the supernatural as the titular Eliza (Jackie Geary) endowed with powers gets the comeuppance on her nemesis.

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Brea Bee in “Miscast”

actress brea bee miscast dances with films 2017

– When it comes to mentioning the many enchanting virtues of actress Brea Bee, it is often with passion as audiences will most certainly fall in love with her fetching work on both film and television.
– Her most notable role was on the Silver Linings Playbook alongside Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence and went on to enthral on “Grey’s Anatomy”, “NCIS” and most recently “The Goldbergs”.
– You most certainly won’t want to miss her in her latest beguiling incarnation in the short film “Miscast” as she plays office worker April who reveals herself as a real witch and turns her office party into a bloodbath.

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Lisa Roumain in “Shallow Water”

actress lisa roumain shallow water dances with films 2017

– Effortlessly one of the most eminent faces of the festival circuit, Lisa Roumain is very much in our adoring sights with sterling roles on features such as “Dating Daisy”, “The Guest House”, “Hurricane” and “Parallax”.
– She takes us on a suspenseful ride as Diane, a woman trying to escape a secluded forest area with her life from a monstrosity that’s left a trail of dead bodies in the creature-feature short “Shallow Water”.
– From Cannes to the Idyllwild Film Festival and this week’s Dances With Films, there’s never been a better time to indulge in the consistently fine performances crafted by the uber-accomplished Lisa.

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