Indie Darlings To Adore @ Brooklyn Film Festival 2017

Catherine Eaton & Lucy Owen in “The Sounding”

actress catherine eaton the sounding brooklyn film festival 2017
actress lucy owen the sounding brooklyn film festival 2017

– 2017 will see the emergence of one of the most impressive talents of indie films in the enchanting form of Catherine Eaton who is taking the festival circuit by storm with her compelling opus “The Sounding”.
– Joining Catherine in “The Sounding” is the equally admirable Lucy Owen who has been mesmerising us on both the big screen alongside Jessica Chastain in “Miss Sloane” and on the small screen on “Blue Bloods”.
– With a riveting story buoyed by unique characters fleshed out so adeptly by Catherine and Lucy, “The Sounding” is a cert to be a thought-provoking female-fronted piece on the marginalised of our society.

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Barbara Weetman in “Sweet Parents”

actress barbara weetman sweet parents brooklyn film festival 2017

– The award-winning Barbara Weetman has a onscreen versatility that is to be lauded and she is notable for starring in the buzzworthy indie horror film “Pieces Of Talent” as a freeloading mother of a struggling actress.
– She stars as Guylaine in “Sweet Parents”, a charismatic older woman who is the benefactor for a struggling young chef trying to get a leg up in his career which causes friction in his romantic relationship with a sculptor.
– Keep Barbara on your radars as she will be appearing in the upcoming action comedy “Carter & June” alongside a favourite actress of mine Samaire Armstrong and she looks every bit a vision of rousing elegance.

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Rachel McKeon in “Dry Days”

actress rachel mckeon dry days brooklyn film festival 2017

– Tribeca was the film festival the enigmatic Rachel McKeon announce herself as a stellar performer in the must-watch “Homemakers” and she’s back to her memorable best in the short film “Dry Days”.
– She plays Alex, a woman who engages in behaviour we might often associate to be self-destructive only she doesn’t think so which leads her to New York on an unexpected journey that’s a repulsive one.
– With a series of bold performances onscreen that piques the very depth of our interest, that’s reason enough to catch the accomplished Rachel in the edgy comedic web series “The Other F Word”.

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