Brooklyn Film Fest 2017 Spotlight: Audrey Jessup

actress audrey jessup life hack brooklyn film festival 2017

Film festivals are a great way to discover blossoming actresses and the delectable Audrey Jessup should find favour with us this weekend at the Brooklyn Film Festival. She stars in the socially relevant ensemble comedy “Life Hack” which centres on digital privacy or the lack of it which has been an issue worldwide. Cyber threats are a real danger and as the tagline of “Life Hack” goes ‘Cover your webcam…’ which is so pertinent in this rather unsavoury time on the web. That tiny device of a web-cam might just lead to strangers peering into your most intimate moments…a Scary Thought Indeed!

Audrey is very much ever-present on the film scene in Brooklyn and is known for her work on the award-winning comedy “Hunter&Game” which chronicles the debut album release of the titular Brooklyn-based electronic music duo Hunter&Game. In Hunter&Game, she played Karen, a photographer assistant who transitions into helping the boys from Hunter&Game with their album promos. On the film, she has all the makings of an indie sweetheart with her being such a radiant face in her scenes. She has also appeared alongside Wonder Woman’s Mum a.k.a. Connie Nielsen in the indie romantic comedy “All Relative”. The comely Audrey could soon find herself deemed as a most wonderful talent.

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