Dances With Films 2017 Spotlight: Bethany Jacobs

actress bethany jacobs dances with films 2017

Dances With Films has always been a fertile platform through the years of introducing the world to immaculate rising starlets and Bethany Jacobs is on track to be a covetable actress. She stars in the indie drama “Tomorrow, Maybe” that’s garnering positive buzz and will endear Bethany to the indie film community. She is a revelation as Iris Grace, a woman who is contacted by her recently released from prison father. Being that absentee father figure puts a strain on Iris, exacerbated by her own personal life which is falling apart. Audience will be in awe of the emotional journey between a father and daughter with genuinely moving performances from Bethany as well as her onscreen dad Lloyd Hayek (Robert Blanche).

In “Tomorrow, Maybe”, Bethany also has a concurrent storyline of being a battered wife which serves to elevate her portrayal of a woman with the weight of the world straining down on her. Etching the pain of her miserable life, Bethany is captivatingly authentic as Iris and establishes herself as a most promising muse of indie cinema. Dances With Films is set to dominate headlines this weekend and with impeccable women of the screen such as Bethany, audiences are in for a visual feast that tugs at the heartstrings. Bethany is also slated to appear in the remake of the bizarre cult classic “The Brain That Wouldn’t Die” which is bound to be of massive interest. “Grimm” fans will remember Bethany guest-starring on the episode about Aswangs and she appeared as Liz Kent, a neighbour of a woman who had been attacked by the vampiric creatures of Filipino folklore.

actress bethany jacobs tomorrow maybe dances with films 2017

The fetching Bethany is certainly heading for a spot in the limelight and we will be watching her intently for a great number of years.

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