Dances With Films 2017 Spotlight: Jaime Gallagher

actress jamie gallagher the spearhead effect dances with films 2017

Many screen talents are finding their groove both in front and behind the lens with Jaime Gallagher having a hand in bringing intriguing stories to life. At this year’s Dances With Films, she is the producer and also appears on “The Spearhead Effect” which tells of a journalist who becomes the target of a sadistic group of vigilantes that he inspired. With its motley ensemble of tropes in disturbingly eerie masks, could this thriller be the new “Purge”? Themes of darkly cold blooded fare are certainly a part of her wheelhouse having also produced the outlandish horror anthology feature “Holidays”. That was one hell of a terrifying ride with its astoundingly take on our beloved holiday season.

She’s also the casting director/co-producer behind the sadistic “Fear Inc” where one’s worst fears come true at a bloody price! Jaime was warmly praised for her efforts in recruiting the fine group of actors for this gripping horror flick. She might be a busy girl offscreen but with her slate of upcoming films, there’ll be more than enough moments to ensure our devotion. Jaime can be seen in the Lifetime movie “Cyber Case” and on iTunes in “Pandemic” starring Missi Pyle and Rachel Nichols which reached #1 on the iTunes charts. Next up, Jaime is on course to thrill us as she produces and stars in, “For Play” and “Uncoupling”, the former a comedic short and the latter is a return to her horror roots. We can’t wait to be in the know of what Jaime has in store for us in the near future.

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