Dances With Films 2017 Spotlight: Kelly-Marie Kerr

producer kelly marie kerr dances with films 2017

We love a bit of luscious British invasion on the festival circuit and London actress/model/dancer Kelly-Marie Kerr is on captivating form. She is already in attendance at Dances With Films 2017 in support of the film “Denise” where she is the producer of this musical short. “Denise” revisits the glory days of an ageing drag queen as she sparkles her way through her finest moments. More and more we’ve seen the rise of female talents who are praiseworthy behind the camera.

actress kelly marie kerr denise dances with films 2017

Kelly is also known for appearing in the much raved theatrical production “Tales of Albion” as a stunningly sexy Titania. “Tales of Albion” is very much like a movie consisting of 8 stories, revealing some of the myths & legends of ancient Britain in new and unexpected ways. Here’s Kelly-Marie talking about her intriguing role on “Tales Of Albion”:

I was so excited to have my own wings, and honoured to play one of William Shakespeare’s classic characters for this comical and timely remake.

She has been lauded for her performance skills and her stage presence has been described as exceptional. With her energetic drive and enticing beauty, Kelly-Marie Kerr is a name from across the UK that we should spark a passion movement for.

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